Naveed Sherwani, president and CEO at RapidSilicon and former president/CEO at SiFive, joined the Advisory Board at Anari AI to help the team revolutionize the semiconductor industry. 

Naveed is a well-known semiconductor industry veteran with over 30 years of entrepreneurial, engineering, and management experience. He is widely recognized in the field of design automation of ASICs and microprocessors, and is the main driver of the strategic evangelization of RISC-V International. 

“I’m very honored to join the Advisory Board at Anari AI,” said Naveed Sherwani. “The company’s AI technology has made great strides in circumventing common hardware design challenges and helping to propel the industry forward. Anari AI is a leading company that is building intelligent computing solutions that are agile and scalable. This future-proof technology will revolutionize the industry and unleash unprecedented innovation that will change not only our lives but the lives of our grandchildren.”

Naveed has founded or co-founded over eleven silicon companies and raised over $850M in over 15 funding rounds from marquee venture capital firms during the course of his career. While serving as President, CEO, or Chairman, Naveed has been recognized as the leader of the “Most Respected Private Semiconductor Company” a record five times by the GSA (Global Semiconductor Alliance, the premier semiconductor industry membership body). 

“I’m very proud to welcome an innovator and leader like Naveed Sherwani to the team. To impact the industry and bring to the world more intelligent ways of building the future, we really need outstanding minds whose experience and attitude will challenge and empower every segment of our approach,” said Jovan Stojanovic, co-founder and CEO at Anari AI. 

Besides the Advisor position at Anari AI, Naveed serves as Chairman of GS Group, aiming to drive the next wave of silicon innovation by enabling growth strategies for semiconductor companies. Naveed also serves as the Chair of the Open Source FPGA Foundation and is a Charter Member of notable Silicon Valley business forums such as TiE and OPEN. Dr. Naveed holds both a PhD and master’s degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and a BE degree at NED University in Karachi, Pakistan. Naveed has also authored several books and over 100 articles on various aspects of VLSI physical design automation and ASICs.

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