We’re delivering the next-generation platform for computation in order to provide companies with personalized AI Systems accessible in one click.

We’re building the Hardware AI industry from scratch.


We enable HW and AI professionals to rapidly create and deploy their specific solutions within an innovative environment that provides the full toolkit for the chip design.


We’re providing personalized AI chips accessible in only clicks, developed to satisfy all specific needs of your business.

…in a fraction of costs and minimum time.


Every day starts with a revolution.

Sunlight breaks the dark, passes through windows, overcomes the walls, and illuminates corners. Hundreds of shadows cover the space, and straight lines lose their definitions. And then, everything is just about free movement that surpasses established shapes.

We dare to step outside the straight line.
We dare to create a new movement.

Do you dare to be the revolution?

WHY is it necessary to step out?

We’re dreaming about possibilities.

An era of artificial intelligence is going to shape the future, and the future belongs to all of us. But all of us still don’t have a possibility to impact it.
With a goal to design a creative playground for all those who have the courage to step outside established patterns, we’ve developed an innovative framework reserved not for big players, but for big ideas.

It’s called Anari AI.

WHO are those who illuminate AI?

Our strength is the spirit that belongs to rebels.

Rebels were those who decided many times in history that it’s time for the change. Also, rebels are those who have to decide now what the future will look like.
Our vision is to create a surrounding where creative individuals will be able to put a part of their cognition in creating Artificial Intelligence.

And what if all passionate individuals become a community?

What will change ?

At this moment, we fight for the new dimension of the future where we’ll be free to do things differently, and the only winner will be true intelligence developed in the partnership of people and AI. But still, there're no easy changes.

There is only inner strength, togetherness and passion - the most powerful warriors that fight from both head and the heart.

Why is a personalized chip important for the future?

Personalization is the key.

Pre-shaped solutions don't work for those who think differently. Right solutions need to be made by themselves. A personalized chip in just one click is the first step for all creative minds to take their place in AI and create unique movements that don't fit into any pre-shaped frame.

If morning shadows were in the frames, the movement wouldn’t be free and the magic wouldn’t exist.

What if the world is deeper than we know it?

Explore virtuality.

We know the world made of physical forms that are tangible and clearly visible. But what if there is something more to find out?
At the moment, we’re facing the virtual world that expands horizons and provides possibilities.

Anari AI has made the first step on an unknown path, but the next one requires us to be together.

What kind of community do we aspire to?

It’s about all of us.

It’s not gonna be easy to walk the unwalked road and come out shining amidst all of the giants who throw big shadows. Yet history teaches us that if there was ever an innovative idea that managed to see light of the day, it was because of the people who were daring to embrace the unknown, the uncertainty, and ...

...be the revolution themselves.