On July 7th, Anari AI had the pleasure to host Young Sohn, Founding Managing Partner of Walden Catalyst and former President of Samsung Electronics, Konstantin Othmer (Angel Investor, Co-Founder and CEO at Speechpad), and Sasha Ostojic (Chairman of the Board in Anari AI, and Partner at Playground) in the Anari AI office in Novi Sad, Serbia. 

During the visit, the guests and primarily experts with remarkable experience in the deep tech domain had a chance to meet the whole team and dive deeper into Anari AI technology, which has a goal to accelerate, simplify, and optimize cloud computation for domain-specific workloads in the cloud.

“I think Anari’s work is a very interesting concept. The whole concept of “System-on-Cloud” is very stimulating, exciting, and frankly everything is a cloud, so it’s important that we think about this direction”, said Young Sohn (Walden Catalyst). 

Read more about the first “System-on-Cloud” developed by Anari AI.

After productive workshops with the team, Sasha Ostojic and Konstantin Othmer also took part in the panel discussion “Deep Tech Startups” moderated by Anari AI co-founder and CEO, Jovan Stojanovic. 

Sasha Ostojic, Chairman of the Board at Anari AI emphasized: “Serbia has an education system that drills engineering, technology, sciences, and math into students’ heads, making them excited to deliver all those learnings towards building companies that are impactful, transformative at the global scale. It’s no longer interesting to just build technologies and apps that are interesting just to the region. It’s time to break out and solve problems on a global scale. One of those companies is Anari AI.”

Speaking of Serbia’s potential in deep tech startups, Konstantin Othmer reflected on his experience in working with companies from this part of the world: “I’ve often experienced Eastern Europe as having amazing technologies. I think this part of the world has amazing potential. People are educated. They’re driven, they’re honest, very hard working. Sort of all the ingredients you need for success. What I see at Anari AI is a strong desire with a great vision and leadership, which are ingredients that not many companies can get”.
Anari AI team is proud to have had an opportunity to host Young, Konstantin and Sasha, and introduce them not only Anari AI technology, but also Novi Sad and Serbia as the future globally recognized hub of deep-tech startups.

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